It’s finally out! Root Double’s PC version is now avaliable for purchase

After waiting for quite a bit, Root Double’s PC version has finally come! It was released officially today for PC, while the Xbox 360 version has been out for a couple months.

LABO – a giant research facility with a nuclear reactor

September 16, 2030 – 6:19:30 AM – the “incident” occurs

The security system malfunctions, locking down every section of the basement, trapping 3 rescuers and 6 people waiting to be rescued inside.

The incident occurred because the nuclear reactor caused a meltdown, filling LABO with the ashes of its dead.

There are still 9 hours before the system recovers.

The rescuers have only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for 6 people, but what about the other 3 … ?

And strange unexplainable phenomena keep happening…

There are 6 mysteries surrounding this incident:

1. During the incident, the captain of the rescue team lost his memory. What happened ?
2. Why were these normal high school students locked up in a place like this ?
3. A murdered body was found in the research facility they’ve been locked down in. Why ?
4. Why did this incident happen ? Why can’t they get out ?
5. Why is one that cannot exist — “that guy” — here ?

The mystery gets deeper and deeper.

Gradually, the constant conflicts get more and more on these people’s nerves…
Which one of them can make it out of this hell alive ?
The key to surviving is hidden 6 days ago. In the sealed memories of the young man —-

There game is split into two routes, the former being before the accident while the latter happens after said accident. Don’t forget to give it a try, because it’s seriously great! (I can’t wait for my PC copy to arrive, so I can play it a second time)

Official Website can be found here.

Original game description by

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A reminder for this month’s readers: Sekai no Subete no Subete

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not posting much! Things have been busy around here and I couldn’t spend much time on things I actually enjoy (not that I’d have much to post right now anyway).

I don’t know about you, but to me there wasn’t any particularly interesting eroge release this month… except for Tamasoft’s “Sekai no Subete no Subete”, which is, as far as I know, a remake of their own title “Sekai no Subete”.

This is supposed to be a brief reminder since I still have other things to take care of. “Sekai no Subete no Subete” will be released on 8/31 – if you have free time or don’t have much to read this month, then you should definitely give it a try!

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Root Double is getting a PC release in September!

While surprising for many of us, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-, Regista’s latest sci-fi mystery novel that was released last month, is getting a PC port in two months!

Root Double was first released on the Xbox 360 one month ago after some delays due internal issues. It comes off as a big surprise from Regista, considering it took almost 3 years for I/O to receive a PC port. With that, Root Double is officially the second Regista game to get a PC version.

The game tells the story of 9 characters who, due to their own circumstances, end up trapped down inside LABO – a research facility with a nuclear reactor – because of a meltdown incident. With many mysteries surrounding LABO and the incident, the 9 people involved in this apocalypse struggle as much as they can to survive.

Root Double’s PC release is stated for a 9/28 release, so if you haven’t read it already due to region lock issues or lack of a Xbox 360 console, now is your chance to read Nakazawa Takumi’s newest mystery novel!

EDIT: Source comes from Dengeki. This post has Yeti’s statement on why they are porting it so soon; I’ll translate it later and edit this post with said translation (too tired right now – just had my theory driving license test).

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DDL links for Ever17 & Root Double OSTs

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded those soundtracks via torrents, but they’ve stopped working for reasons I can’t understand (I’m terrible with torrents), so I’ve upload them in DDLs as well so people can actually keep downloading them. You can find all of my uploaded soundtracks here.

On another note, I’ve finally got myself a Twitter account. Feel free to follow me or just message me; I’ll love it.

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The clocks are ticking, and Tokeijikake no Ley Line is coming!

For those looking forward to July releases, Tokeijikake no Ley Line ~Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen~, Unison Shift’s upcoming novel, is less than 2 days away from its official release.

Tokeijikake no Ley Line ~Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen~ tells the story of Michiru, a new student at the private boarding school Academy Tenbinruri, which is located deep in the mountains and has a towering clock tower. On his first day, he was caught up in some trouble with another new student Kotarou and ended up breaking the expensive-looking statue at the school’s entrance. As compensation, the headmistress Fuhito assigned them to work for the school’s special investigation unit.

Having not received any other information except for a unhelpful map, they had a hard time finding the office room. As night approaches, the student council members ushered all the students to the dorms. They came upon a girl Ushio, who apathetically told them magic exists within the school and when the bells of the clock tower chime, the ‘night world’ will appear. They didn’t believe what she said until they saw it happen in front of their own eyes. Ushio was part of the unit they were looking for, whose job is to solve any magic-related problems which arise.

If you’re up to a thrilling and whimsical mystery Visual Novel, then don’t forget to give it a read!

Official Website can be found here.

Original game description by Hau~ Omochikaeri!

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Ever17 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS (Arranged 360 ver.)

For this post, I’m bringing you the Ever17 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS , which has all tracks of the game entirely rearranged by none other than Abo Takeshi himself, who accepted the task of rearranging all of the game’s tracks for the Xbox 360 version of the game, released half a year ago.

The Limited Edition version of the game also includes a Materials Book but I’m not including that in the torrent because, honestly, I’m too lazy to scan and/or translate what’s in it. However, if you really want to know, it’s a booklet containing descriptions and pictures of the game’s characters and, most importantly, notes from Abo Takeshi for every single track in the game; things like how he felt while composing a particular song and what kind of feelings he wanted to convey through it. I’d strongly recommend you to give it a read if you can!

I’ve already uploaded this soundtrack once on Mediafire back when the game was released and I received my copy, being it how everyone got their hands on the files (I assume no one else ever uploaded it), but I’ll do it again for the sake of having all of my soundtracks on this site. Hope you enjoy the soundtrack; Abo Takeshi did an amazing job with it!

Artists: 阿保 剛
Composers: 阿保 剛
Publishers: 5pb. Inc
Release Date: Dec 01, 2011
Catalog Number: N/A

Description: Original Soundtrack of the Xbox 360 version of the game Ever17, containing 2 soundtrack CDs with rearranged versions of all tracks present in the original version of the game.


OST Disc 1
01.Insel Null
05.Lemurianische Ruine
06.Kosmisher Wal
08.Karussell Delphine
09.Weiser Hund
11.IBF Notfall
13.Traum in der Dunkelheit
14.Das Absuchen

OST Disc 2
01.der kern -je nach-
02.Lemurianische Ruine -Klavier-
03.Kosmisher Wal -Klavier-
04.Qualle -Klavier-
05.Karussell Delphine -Klavier-
06.Weiser Hund -Klavier-
08.Tief Blau
09.Drittes Auge
10.Der Mond Das Meer
11.Karma -Klavier-
12.Drittes Auge nehmen
14.Je nach
15.Sound effect

DDL (Mediafire)

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Today’s a day for science! Get ready for Robotics;Notes

…Well, not exactly today for us. But for Japan it’s already release date and for whoever preordered the game: Your copy is probably underway as you read this.

The game occurs a couple years after Steins;Gate’s events and has Yashio Kaito and Senomiya Akiho trying to prevent their Robot Research Club to lose its club status, that is, until they find out a report containing what may be a conspiracy involving the entire world; you can read more about it here.

Personally I want the game myself, but right now I have no way to purchase it. Not to mention how big my backlog is right now. However, if you’re in for some mystery and sci-fi  and/or acquaintanced with the Scientific Adventure series, you should be buying that right now!

The game’s already available for PS3 and Xbox 360; you can buy the game right now through here.

where’s my Zwei single though 

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Muv-Luv series coming to PS3 and even more to 360!

5pb, responsible for porting many Visual Novels to consoles and porting Muv-Luv series to 360 in October of last year, has announced ports of both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative for the PS3.

Not only that, but according to Famitsu there’s a new Muv-Luv underway and it’s based on a fairly new title in the series: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.

Originally released as a short visual novel, briefly after being continued as a novel series and soon getting an anime adaptation, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse happens half a year before Muv-Luv Alternative and tells the story of Takamura Yui, a soldier in the Imperial Royal Guard of Japan and Yuuya Bridges, a military US pilot, who both are headed to Alaska in order to oversee the development of a new TSF novel.

Anyone expecting any figures to be distributed along with the LE this time around as well? Well, I certainly am. Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is coming to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this winter.

Source: Siliconera 

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ROOT DOUBLE -Before Crime * After Days- Soundtrack + Drama CD

For this site’s first post, I’ll leave available the Original Sountrack and Drama CDs for the recently released game from Regista: ROOT DOUBLE -Before Crime * After Days-!

Title: ROOT DOUBLE -Before Crime * After Days- Soundtrack + Drama CD
Artists: イエティ/Regista; 結城アイラ
Composers: イエティ/Regista
Publishers: イエティ
Release Date: Jun 14, 2012
Catalog Number: N/A

Description: Original Soundtrack of the recently released game ROOT DOUBLE -Before Crime * After Days-. The batch consists of 2 soundtrack CDs – one of which containing a couple tracks from the Drama CDs – and 2 Drama CDs with 3 chapters each.


OST Disc 1
01.Peacemaker/Thema of Yuuri
02.Helper/Thema of Mashiro
03.Individualist/Thema of Louise
04.Challenger/Thema of Jun
05.Loyalist/Thema of Tachibana
06.Achiever/Thema of Ena
07.Quiet Days of Rokumei City
08.Languid Hours of Rokumei City
09.Anxious Time of Rokumei City
10.LABO Security Lv.1
11.LABO Security Lv.2
12.LABO Security Lv.3
13.Looming Crisis
14.Approaching Death
15.Psychological Warfare
16.Evil and Nightmares
18.Family and Friends
20.Words of Healing
21.Extra-Sensory Perception
22.Close to the Truth
23.Pose the Question in this World
24.The Truth is Revealed
25.The Brave Decision
26.Memento Mori
28.The End of Route

OST Disc 2
01.Double Bible
02.Double Bible (Inst.Arrange)
03.Rondo Carrousel (Inst.Arrange)
04.Rondo Carrousel

Drama CD Disc 1

Drama CD Disc 2

DDL (Mediafire)

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